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Red Mulch vs Black Mulch


Red Mulch vs Black Mulch


A coloured mulch is a dyed bark or woodchip which is produced by spraying a particular dye. As the name suggests, black mulch is jet black in colour and red mulch has a bright red colour. Dyed mulches are sprayed with dye as it moves through a dyeing machine and then deposited in a stockpile by a conveyor belt. These mulches are mostly used for decoration purposes, but black mulch and red mulch have their own unique properties.


People are often confused about the type of mulch that will suit their garden or backyard. Here are some points to consider before making your decision:


Black Mulch:

  • It is used for decorating gardens, sidewalks, and backyards.
  • It works best around green foliage.
  • For grey and contemporary homes, black mulch is the best option.



Red Mulch: 

  • This is mostly used in commercial areas such as office buildings, plazas, and parks.
  • It works well with plants, trees, shrubs, and light-coloured vegetation.
  • Red mulch provides a good contrast to light plants and is also good for rock gardens.




Why use Mulch?


Mulch can improve the fertility of the s

oil bed; it weathers well, and it is slow to decompose. Mulch can be used to prevent weeds and it also provides organic matter to the existing soil beds. It keeps the soil cool and damp in summer and when the temperature drops, it acts as an insulator.


Mulch is an excellent product for your soil as it helps you save time and energy used in cultivating the soil. Heavy rainfall can damage the soil, but a nice thick layer of mulch can protect it. When applied correctly, it can help young plants to grow as they would get the support they need to thrive. Overall, mulch is a great product for the soil and dyed mulch can help in improving the visual appearance of your garden.


Mulch for Sale


Deciding on the right mulch for your garden can be tough. Less Mess has the best quality mulches! Our black mulch and red mulch are freshly ground bark mulch which is coloured with iron oxides. That's right, no chemicals! We want you to have a beautiful garden but help keep the environment safe at the same time. Order your bag of mulch today and walk in your garden with pride!