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less mess


Give your garden the best quality product with the added convenience
of home delivery. Less Mess delivery saves you the pain and inconvenience of
having to lug bags of topsoil, mulch, compost, sand and stone home from your
local nursery. Simply use the amount you need, and the re-sealable Less Mess bag
closure lets you save the rest for later.

Why Less Mess Enviro Bag?

Less mess
in your driveway

Simple to
order online

Dropped where
you want and
when you need

Resealable bag keeps
materials dry and

Can be ordered
together or shared
with your neighbours

Your empty bag can
be used for
waste disposal

quality standards

We ensure the quality and consistency of all of our products by utilizing the latest in screening equipment technologies to process materials right from the source. We’re a leader in the landscape and horticultural industry.


Less Mess is focused on delivering complete customer satisfaction while maintaining a perfect balance within the surrounding ecology.