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Types Of Soil | Less Mess Soil Delivery

Are you confused about which type of soil is best for you? Find out what type of topsoil blend is the best for your gardening needs.


Less Mess™ offers a wide variety of soils which are suitable for all your landscaping projects. With many varieties of topsoil, it can sometimes be difficult to choose one that best suits your needs. At Less Mess, we offer 3 different types of topsoil; Premium Garden Blend, Top Dressing Blend, and Ultra Blooming Blend all of which come in a convenient, resealable 1-cubic yard bag. At our core we just love dirt, be it screened topsoil, custom blends, or specialty mixes for your lawn. For 12 years we have supplied premium soil across Canada, and we continuously improve our quality over time to ensure you have a thriving garden.

Topsoil, also known as potting soil, garden soil, potting mix, or plant soil, is ideal for encouraging healthy plant growth. Our topsoil is rich in vitamins and nutrients to keep your plants healthy and blooming all season long. Spread it over nutrient-deficient soil and mix thoroughly to revive dying flowerbeds, seed a new lawn or dead grass, or build natural grading. You’ll also be able to grow impressive flowers, fruits, and vegetables with our premium garden soil.

Our combination of supplying quality topsoil products and providing dependable customer service makes us a superior choice. We ensure the quality and consistency of all our products by utilizing the latest in screening equipment technologies to process materials right from the source. Switch to no mess soil delivery today and have your bag ready for gardening!

Before we dive into the topsoil Less Mess offers, let’s start by learning the differences between soil and topsoil. Understanding the definition of these two will help you figure out the best product for your needs and ultimately help you reach your gardening and landscaping goals!


What is Soil?

Soil is a material made up of five ingredients: soil organic manner, minerals, living organisms, gas, and water. The soil organic manners are then divided into clay, sand, and silt. Soil has many different layers starting with what you see on the ground, humus (see definition below). One layer right underneath is topsoil, followed by the subsoil layer, and then rock. When looking for the best layer of soil for your gardening project, you want topsoil as it has the most nutrients to promote plant growth.


What is Humus?

Humus is a fully decomposed organic manner that has reached the point when it will not break down any further. It is also referred to as mature compost and is an excellent source of nutrients in microbes, which increases healthy microbial activity in the garden to stimulate plant life.


What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil. It is the most nutrient-rich soil variety because of its high concentration of organic matter and microorganisms. Topsoil is one of the most basic ingredients in a healthy and productive garden. Read more to see what Less Mess topsoil is best for your home gardening project!


Types of Soils


Less Mess™ Premium Garden Blend

Also known as black garden soil, this expert soil blend is designed for maximum growth potential. This soil blend is also screened to guarantee uniform particle size. It is a well-balanced and complete black soil with high organic matter content. Optimum pH and water retention capacity makes this soil a top choice for your gardens. Our premium garden blend is virtually weed-free, resists compaction, provides roots with more air space and is a lighter weight soil than most triple mix products.

This all-purpose soil has a deep earthy aroma for use with a variety of plants including annuals, perennials, wildflowers, and shrubs. It can also be used for new gardens, revitalizing old gardens, trees, flowers, vegetables, and more. Its universal nature makes it great for lots of different applications.

Did you know: Sticks and twigs are in your soil for a reason! This is because they decompose over time helping fertilize your garden over the course of the year. This will help fuel the microbial activity in your garden that in turn, slowly releases nutrients to help with growth!


Black Garden Soil


Less Mess™ Top Dressing Blend

Our top dressing blend is perfect seed starting mix and is used as a lawn soil. This specialty mix is crafted to improve the overall look and condition of your lawn. Enjoy easily raking this screened blend into your lawn and watch it become luscious. It contains a higher proportion of sand, which makes this high draining organic soil an amazing choice for overseeding lawn.

For the grass to germinate, it is important that the seeds are raked into your lawn and it they are watered frequently. This is the perfect mix for a more level, greener, and overall healthier lawn. It is also blended and screened multiple times for optimal results and is just like the others, is ready to use straight from the bag!


Less Mess™ Ultra Blooming Blend

Our ultra blooming blend is the most premium pro mix soil which is formulated for maximal root growth. It contains a mix of compost, aged bark, peat moss, coconut coir and sand. It is pH balanced and designed to retain moisture in even the driest of weather conditions. This specialized soil blend supports seedlings from an early stage, giving them a boost right from the start.

This blend is the best way to start a vegetable garden. It contains coco coir which helps to retain moisture in the soil. The aged bark in the soil will continue to provide nutrients as it decomposes, making this blend ideal for starting a vegetable garden or planting trees and shrubs.

Our Ultra Blooming Blend is made in smaller batches with higher quality control. This specialized soil blend supports seedlings from an early stage, giving them a boost right from the start. Its added fertilizer encourages seedling growth like no other!

Still have questions? Visit our contact page and our team will be happy to assist you with all your queries.


Happy Gardening!