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Ice Melter with Free Shipping Now Available!


We know that a beautiful garden doesn’t sprout out of nowhere. It takes time, patience, and of course quality garden soils, soil enhancer, compost and mulches.  But caring for your property doesn’t end when your garden goes dormant. Clean and clear driveways and pathways are an important part of maintaining your curb appeal. Snowy and icy surfaces pose a hazard and we know that ice melter is critical for the safety of your property.

At Less Mess, our focus is delivering quality products for your home and garden quickly and conveniently. With winter on its way, Less Mess now offers a lineup of ice melt products.

Meltco Premium De-Icer by Less Mess is sure to melt ice quickly. Its natural, eco-friendly formulation makes this ice melter the best choice for melting ice and snow around children, pets, hardscapes and softscapes. Meltco ice melter is even gentle on vegetation, keeping your garden in tip-top shape for spring. This unique, ice melting formulation buffers the effects of chlorides on vegetation and on the environment.  The Less Mess ice melt products lineup has no nitrogen or phosphorous added, making it an ideal ice melting option around any body of water.

Did you know that ice melt products can melt away ice and snow faster than salt? Melco Premium De-icer is designed for faster melting and easier spreading at colder temperatures than typical ice melting products.

You might have guessed from our big yellow and green Less Mess bags that we love the color green! This ice melt for sale has a green biodegradable colorant allows you to see where you’ve spread it, minimizing the use of ice melter.

At Less Mess, we always offer free delivery, and that’s no different for our newly launched ice melt products. Order ice melt with free shipping and enjoy the ease and convenience of Less Mess, right from your home.

If you’re looking for ice melter near me, check out our lineup of Meltco ice melt jugs, ice melt pails, ice melt bags and ice melt shakers today! (Meltco Premium De-icer products currently available in the Greater Toronto Area only)