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Gardening Prep in 5 Easy Steps


Follow these 5 steps during the fall and winter to prepare for the best garden come spring!

1. Choose your garden space

Whether it’s your first or 100th garden, take time to find the perfect spot! The location will depend on what you choose to plant and the resources needed. Know what your plants, flowers, vegetables and/or herbs need and designate a spot accordingly. 

2. Get weeding

Weeds are inevitable, but get ahead of the game and weed your garden now while the ground is still soft from the summer months. Pretty soon, winter will be here and the ground will be frozen.

3. Tillage

Make sure to turn over (tilling) soil to make it easier to plant come springtime. This process helps aerate the soil and will leave a smooth surface for next season. 

4. Add compost

Adding Less Mess compost will loosen up the soil and add nutrients for a healthier garden. Make sure to work it into the top six inches.

5. Lay mulch

Protect your hard work from damage by laying Less Mess mulch over your garden. Remember to add at least 3 inches to your soil and leave a few inches around tree trunks for breathing room.