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Buy Black Mulch



Buy Black Mulch

Black mulch is a dyed bark or woodchip which is dyed black in colour. It is perfect for decoration purposes, and it can provide coverage around trees, shrubs, and flower gardens. As it is a by-product of wood waste, it helps in reducing environmental footprint by recycling waste. Moreover, certain types of mulch add valuable organic matter and nutrients to improve the health of the soil. The healthy microbial activity that mulch adds can help to improve the overall performance of soil. The black mulch is coloured using iron oxides which are chemical-free, making it environmentally friendly.

 black mulch


 Black Mulch Uses

 Like all mulches, black bark mulch has several advantages that you should consider before purchasing.



  1. It is an amazing material to use for decorative purposes. Black bark mulch can add colour and texture to the space between plants.
  2. The colour will not fade away in sunlight and it is slow to decompose which means it will last in your garden for a long time.
  3. Black mulch is completely safe, just like non-dyed mulch as it is dyed with iron oxides which are chemical free. This makes black mulch environmentally friendly and safe to use in residential properties.
  4. It retains water which reduces the need to irrigate often. It also improves the fertility of the soil, and many farmers use black mulch to aid production as it absorbs heat which helps the seeds to germinate.
  5. It also helps in preventing the growth of weeds.

Black Mulch Delivery

 Less Mess has the best quality black bark mulch available. Our mulch is a handy gardening accessory that you can use all year long. Some of our Less Mess Weather Tips:


·         During fall & winter, apply a thickness of 8 inches before the snowfall.

·         During spring, apply a thickness of 4 inches to top up the mulch that you had spread in winter.

·         During summer, mulch can hold moisture and protect the soil from dying out.


We have black mulch for sale all year round. Order today and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Our Less Mess bags are resealable and will keep the mulch dry and uncontaminated. Give your garden the best look by simply ordering your bag of mulch online!