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Say Goodbye to Messy Driveways B.C.!


Less Mess™ Enviro Bag is proud to announce our expansion to Canada’s West Coast – or as some might call it, the ‘Best Coast’ - this 2021 Spring season! After seeing how helpful our cubic yard bulk bags of topsoil, mulch, compost, stone, and sand have been for gardeners, garden lovers and, aspiring gardeners in the Southern Ontario region for over 10 years, it was a natural extension for Less Mess™ to bring the convenience of our Enviro Bags to British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Interior regions!


At Less Mess™, we are all for growing your own fruits and vegetables using renewable and sustainable sources. With materials sourced from their local markets, our regional dealers are able to leverage their expertise on what products would work best for the different regions throughout British Columbia, including Okanagan soil which has been praised as the best growing soil in Canada! Okanagan soil is known to be the best growing soil because it can grow just about anything due to the climate. By partnering with dealers throughout British Columbia, Less Mess™ ensures we adhere to all environmental regulations set by the province of BC and can deliver the best product to our customers!

One of our dealers in British Columbia is Klassen Landscape Supply who has been supplying products to landscapers and homeowners for more than 25 years! They are a company that originated out of Valley Carriers’ want to supply products to the agriculture community, homeowners, and landscapers. Additionally, Klassen Landscape Supply is a member of the British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA). BCLNA represents the landscape trades, garden centres, wholesale and retail nurseries, and suppliers in British Columbia. The organization also represents educators, students, and horticulture affiliates in the province.

Products we have available in the serviceable areas in BC are Premium Garden Blend, Top Dressing Blend, Bright Red Mulch, Black Bark Mulch, Compost, River Stone, Sand, Screenings, 3/8 Pea Gravel, and ¾” Clear Gravel.


Topsoil blends, also known as potting soil, garden soil, potting mix, or plant soil, are great for encouraging healthy plant growth. Our high-quality Less Mess™ topsoil delivery makes obtaining this crucial gardening element quick and easy!


With our bagged Less Mess™ mulch, you can cover areas around trees, shrubs, playgrounds, and flower gardens. Our bagged mulch delivery brings the finest collection of bright red mulch and black bark mulch varieties right to your property to make your gardens and landscapes beautiful! Apply a minimum thickness of four inches in the spring for best results.


Elevate your garden’s quality with our special blend of nutrient-rich compost soil. When you order from Less Mess™, you can have bags of compost delivered to your front door in just a few quick and easy steps. We have the best-bagged compost for vegetable gardens that is sure to make your soil superior!


Do you love the appearance and texture of sand? Buy pre-washed sand for your garden and enjoy the warm and natural feel of this versatile product. You can take comfort and have confidence that this product will stay in place after being incorporated into sandboxes, between interlocking stones, or other landscaping projects!


Landscape stone can be used in a variety of outdoor projects like lining a river bed, garden borders, and as bricking materials. Some products are also suitable for use as a grading base under patio materials or to create pathways and walkways!


With environmental responsibility in mind, Less Mess™ is focused on delivering complete customer satisfaction while maintaining a perfect balance within the surrounding ecology. We ensure the quality and consistency of all our products by utilizing the latest in screening equipment technologies to process materials right from the source.

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Now available in Abbotsford, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Mission, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Whiterock, Kelowna and, Kamloops, you can order your Less Mess™ Enviro Bag with FREE delivery at LessMess.ca today!