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Essential Checklist for Fall Gardening


The weather’s still nice and warm, so now is the perfect time to prepare for next season! These 10 easy (but beneficial) steps will ensure you have a great start to the next gardening season.

Clean up

It’s not the best part but it’s always worth it in the end. Clean up diseased plants, ingrown weeds and plant matter you find throughout the plant beds. 

Amend your soil

There is no better time than now to nourish your soil. Add compost to improve texture and drainage and to supply your soil with nutrients. 


Planting for blooms at the end of the season? Get them through winter with at least 3-4 inches of mulch to insulate the root system. Don’t forget to leave a gap around the base of the trunk, if mulching around trees. 

Divide perennials

If you have overgrown perennials, divide them into smaller plants and re-plant them at the end of October. This will give your plants time to root before spring.

Order your bulbs

Now is the time to order the best of the best! Buy your favourite bulbs and plant them before the frost hits for a beautiful display come spring!

Feed the birds

Bird food becomes scarce in autumn, so this is your chance to help the birds out. Put out the bird feeders to increase the diversity of your backyard flock!

Feed the lawn

Feeding birds is one thing, but what about your lawn? If you want a beautiful green lawn in the spring, you need to give it attention now! Feed it with the proper nutrients and an organic fertilizer to give your grass exactly what it needs before winter takes over. 

Sprinkler care

Make sure to empty all hoses of any water and place any winterized protectors over faucets and underground systems to prevent freezing. 

Plant fall annuals

Don’t forget to plant your fall annuals! Check out our last two blogs for the best flowers and vegetables to plant at this time of the year! 

After checking everything off your essential fall gardening checklist, get cozy inside with a nice cup of tea and wait for spring to come, knowing both you and your garden are ready for its arrival!